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Wide Plank White Oak Hardwood Flooring Monterey


Beach House Collection

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The Monterey Grey stain is one of our newest options. After a lot of demand, we decided to make it a staple in our colour wheel. The soft tone will give your home an elegant, yet rustic look. Monterey grey wide plank flooring works well with many different styles of home decor, particularly the beach house look. 

Live Sawn is a beautiful specialty cut of wood we do which enables us to provide our customers with a very wide and unique hardwood floor.  It is sawn by the Old World European method and incorporates all aspects of the log's character.  It is very rustic with large knots, and varying grain patterns including rift sawn and quarter sawn.  A majority of the grain is quarter sawn giving it incredible stability which is the reason we can offer it up to 10" wide.  A 7" Live Sawn board will shrink and expand about the same as a 4" plain sawn board making this floor the perfect option for a cottage.  For wide planks we recommend a nail and bead glue installation method. The live sawn brandon is a perfect floor for dogs because of its rustic look and Wire Brushed finish

Interior Decorator Tip: This wide plank white oak floor has an extremely conservative color and is amazing for pleasing resale buyers of your home. 


Lengths - Up to 120" (72-84" Average Length)


Solid- 4", 6", 8" and 10"

Country Engineered- 5", 7", 10" and 12 "

Sheen- 13% Matte Finish                

Texture- Wire Brushed

Thickness- 3/4" Solid Hardwood

Character- Very rustic wide plank flooring with large knots, checks, and splits.

Warranty- 40-Year Finish

Installation- On or Above Grade

Installation Method- Nail or Nail/Glue

Ease of Installation- Medium

Maintenance- Easy

Waste- 10%

Janka Hardness on White Oak- 1360