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Wood Sign | Greatest Hockey Moment '72

Wood Sign | Greatest Hockey Moment '72

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Custom Hardwood Sign
- 1972, Paul Henderson's Classic 

Hand made custom wood sign of a classic Canadian moment in history. This 1972 classic moment for winning the Summit series. This sign is Greg Gaylord's favourite sign that we've ever created! 

Crafted from solid wood and hand stained giving the sign a rustic vibe. The black staining technique highlights the grain and features of the sign.  Once stained, our signs are finished with our classic matte finish, creating an ultra natural look. Wood is a natural product and each piece is unique in character, graining, and colour variation, creating the ultimate custom piece for your home. The signs are finished with a sleek border stained to match your custom piece. 

When should I expect shipping?
Custom Signs are made to order and will take 2-4 weeks to ship, please account for this in your timeline. In a rush? Connect with us!