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Facts About Hardwood Flooring Made in China

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Since we manufacture our hardwood flooring within a 300 mile radius, we produce the smallest carbon footprint possible. When buying your hardwood flooring, make sure to ask where it's manufactured. 70% or more of the hardwood flooring being sold is manufactured in China, where there are almost no regulations. 

Pollution Flooring

Worldwide Illegal Logging

The make matters worse, between 10 and 30% of flooring Made in China is coming from illegally harvested logs. There are very serious environmental impacts from illegal logging as well as negative externalities that effect developing countries. Illegal logging depletes timber supplies and threatens biodiversity. Forests are extremely important sources of food, goods, and employment for rural communities in developing countries, hurting the local community and their well-being. 

Illegal logging and hardwood flooring

How is Gaylord Hardwood Flooring green? 

Gaylord Hardwood Flooring manufactures all their flooring within a 300 mile radius. We are proud of our commitment to green manufacturing and the jobs created throughout the process. 

If you don't buy from us, make sure your flooring choice is one that's 100% North American made.

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  • I have had hardwood from Gaylord’s for a former renovation—an excellent product. I now live outside the Quinte area and looking to do a another flooring renovation. I am looking for a light engineered hardwood that matches a “French Oak” luxury vinyl tile from Karndean. Any suggestions for this product at Gaylord’s? I will GO OUT OF MY WAY TO NOT BY ANY PRODUCTS FROM CHINA IN ORDER TO SUPPORT NORTH AMERICAN PRODUCTS AND JOBS.

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  • Hi ,

    My name is Michael and I’m the purchasing supervisor from Wickham Hardwoods. We are a flooring company too , located in Quebec . I’m really agree with you and this video. It’s important to defense our jobs in North America, Pollution, and not fair business from China. Me and my team support you in this fight and you’re video is very well and interesting. I share with my customers, suppliers in Canada and US side.

    Michael Baril

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