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Gaylord Gems

Plenty of other flooring manufacturers share projects on their website. They show photos and sometimes describe the project and what went in to the selection, design and of course construction details that made the project a reality. I do enjoy reading about the projects and learn a lot from these posts. Whether it’s seeing a cool new floor stain that we are missing from our offerings or just general design and construction tips and tricks, these posts are very helpful for me. And of course, if the builder or designer is mentioned it gives me an opportunity to reach out to them and introduce myself and our company.

We have a great group of builders and designers we work with on a regular basis. They are amazing people and great at what they do. Some of them are my very best friends. That being said, my true passion is working with the end users. The homeowners. The people who will be walking on our floors for the rest of their lives. Over the years, we have worked with some incredible and interesting people. From celebrities to professional athletes to high level executives at some of the largest companies in the world. Some I am allowed to share with you and some I am not. We’ve worked with so many fascinating people and the entire internet couldn’t hold all of my praise and admiration for everyone, not to mention with two young kids and a business, my writing time is limited. But I’ll do my best.

We’ve called this page “Gaylord Gems”. I wasn’t totally sold on the name but Kelsey and Nikki thought it would work. I’ll admit, it’s much better than my original idea “cool people we’ve sold floors to.” As time allows, I am going to share as much as I can about my experience working with these individuals. Their story, their project, and most importantly our experience working with them. Enjoy!

- Greg Gaylord

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