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Sitting down with Designer Renae Keller | 2018 Hardwood & Design Trends |

Reaching out and connecting with Designers is such a fun part of this industry! You get to meet such fun, inspiring people who make you want to fall in love with everyone's home over and over again! I had a chance to meet and chat with an awesome woman in Minneapolis, Renae Keller. We chatted about some different trends for 2018, her favorites, and things to keep your eye out for! How could we not share this with you? 

Hardwood Stain Colors 

Opting for a stain color that ranges from light to medium tones will allow the wood highlight the natural beauty of the wood floor. Let the wood speak for itself in your floor. This can be achieved through using a hardwood flooring with knots, grain, color variation, and by using different cuts of wood. [Plain Sawn, Livesawn, and Quartersawn cuts will generate completely different looks in your hardwood floor]. She also loved that these tones help keep maintenance to a minimum!

Textured Hardwood Flooring 

Renae mentioned that she has been playing with edge details lately, and has been loving this! Refined wire brushed finishes gives the floor some detail. This helps to add texture without drastically changing the look or tone of the wood. Her Clients (and ours too!) are looking for a durable finish the helps to reduce maintenance. [After all, who really wants to spend endless amounts of time cleaning their home?]. Naturally, this textured finish depends on the style of the home. An extremely rustic flooring with a great deal of texture, might not be appropriate for each home. 

Hardwood Flooring Board Widths

It's important to remember that not all projects or homes fit into the same style. Sometimes, you have the opportunity to switch up styles in the home and sometimes it not feasible. Sticking with a consistent width on the main and upper level helps to achieve a more refined look. If your project is a casual area then you have the opportunity to switch things up. Mixing different hardwood widths can look stunning in a rustic area, boat house, or in lower levels of your home. 

Patterns - Are they in or out?

Hands down - LOVE patterns! (Me too!) Patterns such as herringbone, chevron, and parquet style will still be used throughout 2018. Patterns are wonderful because they help to create interest in your space. They can draw your attention to a specific architectural detail, highlighting a wow factor. They also work great to transition from one room to another. Renae loves the creative use of materials to help enhance beauty and create character throughout the home. 

 Personal Favorites - Your Design Go-To's

Renae let us in on her favorite design trends for this upcoming year. So make notes: 

  1. Mixing Clean Lines with organic feeling pieces
  2. Add Pattern to your home! Use pattern in your drapes, layered with wallpaper or perhaps a patterned carpet. Keep your chairs, sofa, and furniture simple. Add fun pops through patterned throw pillows (I'm obsessed with these...anyone else?) to your sofa or chair! [This is also a great way to change things up season to season without breaking the bank!]
  3. It's important to focus on classic materials and classic details. This may seem simple, but these never go out of style! 

We love hearing the different perspectives and getting some pro-tips, and know you will too! What trends are you loving these days?

Be sure to check out some of her STUNNING work.

Designer Spotlight:

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