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5 Reasons to fall in Love with Quartersawn White Oak

Quartersawn White Oak gets much less credit than it deserves in the hardwood world. Quartersawn Oak is incredibly unique and visually pleasing that we want to show it some love. We promise you will probably want this specialty cut for your next project or home. 

Okay, you are probably sitting there thinking..."What even is Quartersawn White Oak"? 

Quartersawn Oak is a specialty cut where it produces boards with a grain that runs vertically. This is achieved through cutting the log into quarters and turning the log to cut the side with the most vertical grain. This is commonly seen in antiques or high-end furniture where the character and grain can be showcased. Imagine having your hardwood floor in this? 

Reasons we love it and know you will too:

1. Tight & consistent grain pattern. This cut produces a unique floor where the grain pattern runs vertically. It helps to create a nice clean and consistent floor with a touch of character. With this cut, there are unique pieces where you can actually see the medullary rays of the tree! Not only will your floor look beautiful, you can use this as a fun fact at your next party. 

2. Extremely adaptable style. The clean vertical grain throughout the boards creates a perfect canvas for your space. It has the ability to work well in any home. Whether you are looking to go super modern, traditional, or even add some light rustic elements this floor has got you covered. Our wire-brushing technique can help to open up the grain, adding a rustic vibe to your space.

3. Insane Long Lengths. The quartersawn oak has super long lengths that help to open up the space. This works amazingly in large rooms and open concept homes. It comes in random lengths which creates a stunning natural looking wood floor, you definitely won't have to worry about getting that choppy wood floor look. The lengths range from 1-10' long with average lengths of 5-7' long, adding that open airy touch to your space. 

4. Unique & Rare Choice. We love how unique quartersawn white oak is in its appearance. When you start comparing different options for your next space, or maybe just for inspiration you probably won't see ample quartersawn oak floors. If you are looking for a different approach or maybe don't like a heavy grain pattern throughout your floor, we promise this floor has got you covered. Who doesn't want to show off their new unique custom floor.

5. Super Stable and Handles Movement. Not only is this floor incredibly beautiful, but it is a great choice technically. The quartersawn cut makes for a really stable floor because it shrinks and expands vertically which minimizes the movement throughout your hardwood floor. This works well with changes in humidity and is also a friendly option over radiant heat. 

The quartersawn oak really is the total package. It is unique, gorgeous, and also has the right stability to handle the conditions that you are going to put it through. Why wouldn't you love this? 


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