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Putting hardwood flooring in your kitchen

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We are often asked by clients if they can install hardwood flooring in their kitchen.  The answer is yes.  The majority of new homes built are open concept and the kitchen is part of a large open space.  It can be unnatural to install a different flooring product in the kitchen, and in some cases it may be a tripping hazard where the two floors aren’t the exact same height. Hardwood flooring is much more comfortable to walk on and warmer than ceramic tile. That being said, there are some hardwood floors you may not want to install in your kitchen.  Dark shiny floors will show absolutely every dent and scratch and will be very difficult to care for in a kitchen.  For more information, check out our video titled Dark Hardwood Flooring Downsides

Floors with a lower sheen are much less maintenance and hold up very well in a kitchen.  A rustic floor with a two pass or distressed finish is the ideal hardwood flooring to stand up in a kitchen but there are many other options as well.  A floor that holds up well to pets will hold up well in a kitchen. 

Check out our Video Hardwood Flooring for Dogs for more information.

Obviously, water damage is a concern with flooring in the kitchen. Your everyday spills shouldn’t cause any issues, but you will want to wipe them up right away.  There are potential scenarios where your wood floor can be damaged in a kitchen.  We had clients that were away in Florida for the winter and their dishwasher leaked.  However, this would cause damage on any floor covering.  This scenario is something that rarely happens.  Overall, the natural, flowing look of hardwood flooring in your home, and through your kitchen outweighs the potential for damage.  Mark Twain said it best when he said “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which has never happened.”

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