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Floor Decor - Getting the correct look for your home

A question we are often asked from our clients is how to achieve the look they want in their home by picking the right floor.  Some clients prefer going with a hardwood that has more grain and character like our wide plank oak or hickory flooring thinking that it will give the space a more rustic look, while others prefer a wood with less grain like maple or european beech thinking it will give off a more crisp and modern look.  Although these are not necessarily false assumptions, every interior is different and entirely unique. The most important thing to remember when undergoing renovations is the power good interior design can have.  This includes what we call floor decor. In other words, it is not just the flooring that can determine whether or not an interior space looks rustic, traditional, modern, contemporary or whatever other style is desired.

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Cumaru Hardwood Flooring - Natural Colors 

In fact, the flooring is only part of the equation.  In order to achieve that signature look, it is always the bigger picture that matters.  Selecting the right furniture, wallcoverings, paint colours, window treatments and everything else that will be a part of the space is just as important.  That being said, if a rustic look is desired, when it comes to deciding which species of wood to go with, there are a lot of factors to consider in order to achieve the look. The best thing to remember is to not judge a species of wood by its grain! With the right stain, the right gloss and the right finish, no matter what the species of hardwood you choose to go with, our sales consultants can answer all of   your questions and help guide you towards the right floor for your home.


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