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Are you Ready for your Hardwood Flooring?

It's important to consider if you are ready for your hardwood flooring prior to setting up the delivery of your floor. Hardwood flooring is a natural product and can be very problematic when put in the wrong environment. It is one of the last jobs that is completed on a job site. It's important to limit the foot traffic and work being completed after the flooring is installed. In addition to wear and tear, it's also important to keep the flooring in conditions where it will be successful! It should not sit on site or be installed in an environment that is outside of the recommended relative humidity rage (30-50%). Of course, there are unique situations here and we are happy to help guide you through these and answer any questions (We get it, not every job is the same!)

Before scheduling your flooring delivery, you must be sure of the following:.

1. Is the sub-floor moisture content within 2% of your hardwood flooring?  Are all of your wet trades 100% completed? Some examples of wet trades are: drywalling, painting, tiling, masonry, and concrete. Having these completed prior to the hardwood delivery will minimize the exposure to "wet conditions" and reduce the exposure to harsh conditions.  

2. What humidity controls do you have in place? Do you have HVAC equipment running and have the ability to maintain humidity levels between 30-50%. HRV's are air exchangers are do not readily control humidity levels. 

3. Do you have a dehumidifier running in your basement to remove the excess moisture? A new home will have between 1000-2000 gallons of moisture which needs to be removed in order to minimize the exposure of the hardwood flooring to humidity. A significant percentage of this moisture is in the basement so we always recommend having one running in the basement. It's important to be diligent with the emptying of the dehumidifier, consider creating a schedule or utilize a system that automatically empties.  

Not sure if you are ready for your flooring delivery, feel free to reach out! We'd love to hear your thoughts and any tips and tricks you have! 

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