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Cherry Hardwood Flooring Information

Cherry Flooring

cherry wood flooring
Hardwood Flooring thats cherry wood
cherry wood flooring
cherry wood flooring

Cherry flooring is rarely stained, due to its beautiful soft color. Although Cherry is softer, with a Janka hardness of 950, it is still a popular flooring choice. Cherry flooring is unique, as it starts with a soft pink tone and deepens to a rich red where exposed to light. This color change can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.

Cherry Flooring Pros and Cons

Since Cherry flooring has a Janka hardness of 950, it is quite a bit softer than Maple, at 1450. The softness leaves Cherry wood susceptible to dents and scratches. On the pro side, Cherry flooring will give you a unique natural color.

Cherry Flooring Grades

We offer Cherry flooring in prime and country grade. Country grade cherry flooring will have a substantial amount of character, with knots and color variations. Prime grade Cherry flooring will provide a more consistent appeal.

Cherry Hardwood Flooring Details

Cherry is a gorgeous wood and other than its relative softness, it makes for an excellent hardwood floor. When first installed Cherry Hardwood Flooring has a light pink tone that deepens to a rich red over the course of six months to two years depending on the lighting in the home.

Janka Hardness: 950

As a flooring option black cherry is just under forty-four percent harder than Douglas fir, five percent softer than teak, around seventy-three percent as hard as red oak, close to two thirds as hard as hard maple, about fifty-eight percent as hard as wenge, approximately fifty-two percent as hard as hickory or pecan, and nearly forty-three percent as hard as santos mahogany’s ranking of 2200.

Learn where Cherry Hardwood Flooring fits on the Janka Hardness Scale


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