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Comparing Adhesive | Construction vs Urethane Adhesives

If you are installing Gaylord Wide Plank or have an OSB subfloor, we strongly recommend following our nail and bead installation guidelines. Wider boards have less fasteners per square foot than narrower ones and OSB has less holding power on the fastener. Following this installation method will lessen the possibility of annoying squeaks. The main ingredient to a successful installation is the glue used. Wood floors move due to seasonal changes in humidity. High humidity conditions in the summer cause the wood flooring to absorb moisture and expand, while in the winter heating season the wood becomes quite dry and contracts. 

We recommend Bona R850T Urethane adhesive as it has elastomeric properties that allow the wood to move through the seasonal humidity changes. The urethane adhesive is user friendly and comes in a sausage container with an aluminum skin. Any additional adhesive will remain usable while contained. 

Construction adhesive typically comes in cardboard cartridges. The glue in these cartridges tends to ooze out of the applicator causing problems if it gets stepped on and tracked over the hardwood flooring. Cleaning up construction adhesive can be a very di cult task, especially once it has dried. Urethane adhesive is specially formulated to be easy to clean up with mineral spirits up to one week later.


With the Bona R850T applicator you can typically get 60 lineal feet with a 1⁄4” bead out of one sausage tube. Another key feature of the Bona R850T is its “Green Grab” which is how quickly the adhesive will bond to the wood. After 15-20 minutes the glue secures to the wood while
construction glue can take more than one hour. The urethane adhesive has much lower VOC’s than Construction adhesive. 



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