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A How to: Finding the Right Hardwood Floor


After looking at hundreds of products on Houzz, projects on Pinterest, and flipping through those gorgeous home magazines, it can be easy to fall in love with every product you see. Some of these inspirations can easily adapt to your lifestyle and home, but not everything will work for your space. It is super important to consider your lifestyle when you are searching for a hardwood floor for your upcoming project. It might be absolutely stunning BUT are you still going to love it once it doesn't perform the way you want it to?

I've put together a few quick questions that you should be asking yourself when you start shopping for your product.

  1. What is my subfloor? Some common examples are concrete, plywood, and OSB
  2. What type of heating & cooling systems do I have? Will my humidity be controlled in my space? (I.e - Do you use air conditioning & heating systems regularly?)
  3. Will this be a high traffic area? Things that contribute to traffic are: pets, children, main rooms used, the pivotal point in your home etc.
  4. Do you have pets? If, so dark shiny floors aren't your best option but we have some really great options to suit your furry friends. Have you ever heard of a wire brushed, matte finish?
  5. What is the lighting like in this space? Is there heavy lighting and ample natural lighting? Are there lots of windows?
  6. How much maintenance do I want? What type of up-keep is involved with this product? As little as possible: said everyone, ever. The next time your Great Aunt says I've been cleaning my floorings with vinegar and water for years, show her this video. 



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