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How We Made Our Showroom Green


So many times you find yourself searching for a good deal or purchasing a product, without even thinking about the environmental impacts that the product has. As you know, pretty much EVERYTHING is made in China.. but do we really think about the environmental impacts of these products? 

As you really dive into other products and businesses trying to find out if a product or company is green, it can be completely overwhelming. Unless of course, "being green" is a specialty of this place! Cafes, restaurants, and bistros around are promoting locally sourced items, no animal products, and having a green space. This is awesome, and we love the transparency of these businesses! I think we get so used to getting false information, that it is really nice when places actually let you in on their sourcing and environmental efforts.

Doing this research, I began to realize that we are even more of a green business than we thought! Our showroom is incredibly green! Of course we know that everything we use is sustainable, 0% VOC's, and sourced in north america..but how we were doing more and didn't even realize!

"How can we be this green and not realize it? We are so green we didn't have any idea!" - Lewis Gaylord  

Here are some ways that we have an awesome green showroom:

1. We have LED lights throughout our entire showroom

LED's don't contain toxic mercury and help to reduce your CO emissions. The lifetime of LED bulbs is far greater than any other lighting on the market! They can last up to minimum of 5 times longer than any other bulbs! They use much less electricity reducing our overall energy consumption. Less used = Less produced.

2. We have Solar Panels 

We have these on the roof of our showroom and sometimes we even forget that they are there! Who doesn't love a little solar generated power? This was an awesome investment and works incredibly well for our showroom. We love that we reduce our carbon footprint by using reducing our utility consumption and opting for clean solar power.  Electricity without the pollution! Win, Win!

3. We heat our Showroom with Wood Pellet Stoves

Our showroom is completely heated by two wood pellet stoves. We purchase the pellets from a local farm supply store, where the pellets are made locally. The two stoves are incredibly cozy and incredibly efficient at heating our entire showroom. You also get a a small workout when you fill the stoves, so there is an additional perk while being a green option!

4. We conserve energy throughout the day 

Most of the LED bulbs throughout the showrooms are on automatic switches. This is a great feature as it allows spaces that are not being used to be turned off. As customers (and employees) enter certain areas the lights begin to turn on and remain on while customers browse and make selections for their home. Once inactive, the lights shut back down conserving energy and reducing consumption! After all, this is a huge showroom and we want to show off the floors, but we don't need to have continuous bright lighting during down times. 

It is important to recognize small changes that can help to reduce your carbon footprint! Do you inquire about the products that you are purchasing? Do you have any tips that will make it easier for shoppers? We'd love to learn more! 


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