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Is white oak hardwood flooring pet friendly?

We can't help but fall in love with that gorgeous wide plank white oak! I mean it's literally everywhere, its plastering Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram and pretty much every magazine that you pick up. We can't help but agree, it truly is drool worthy... I mean, come on...


Sometimes these perfectly staged photos don't necessarily suit our lifestyles. We've all been through that dark and shiny floor stage and we are witnessing people run far far away from this look. Not because it is not beautiful, but because it is really unmanageable. Pet marks and pet hair take over! So we get it, the fear has set in and you are not quite sure you want to jump on board, again. 

Well, we've got news for you! Our wide plank white oak is super pet-friendly and in fact is one of our most recommended products. I've put together some reasons why white oak is a great option for your fur babies.

For starters, it has a beautiful rich open grain throughout the boards. Our specialty livesawn cut gives it a unique look showcasing the natural beauty that the white oak has to offer. The grain helps to hide any marking from your pet and creates visual interest allowing your pets nail marks to blend right in! The longboard lengths also create visual continuity drawing your eye down the room, rather than focusing on one specific spot.

Secondly, our wire brushed finish is a must... hands down! This special finishing option pulls the soft fibers from these boards leaving you with a textured look and feel. It also provides an incredibly durable floor. The textured feel helps to hide your pets marking and also pet fur! It also absorbs some light due to the textured finish which reduces the visibility of your pets tumbleweed fur drifting along with your living room. Admit it, you've all seen this. 

Thirdly, it has incredible character. This floor is a statement piece its got all the good stuff! It has a variety of different knots randomly throughout the boards. It has small checks randomly throughout creating a natural wood look, not something that is perfectly polished. This character works in your favor because there is so much going on, on your floor. I love the fact that my pet running around can actually add some character to my floor, rather than creating a nightmare. 

Last but not least, be mindful of your stain selection. There are so many great neutrals trending right now. Take advantage of this because they are incredibly easy to manage. Opt for something that can be easily transitioned over time and suits your lifestyle with your pets. If you are stuck on going with a darker stain, try one of our two-pass colours to get your desired look. This involves staining the boards black, standing it off, and applying your stain selection on top. It creates an overall darker appearance, highlights the grain and adds some rustic flair! 

So, go on dog (and cat) lovers don't be afraid to go ahead with our white oak flooring. We promise your pets will love it as much as you do! 


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