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Making product selections for your home | A helpful Guide

Helping you through your Production Selections for your new home

New Home Construction can be very overwhelming! With hundreds of different decisions to be made, it can seem very daunting. It can be very stressful realizing that if your product selections are not made on time, your project can be delayed significantly! It is common that many builders will require all (or most) of your selections to be made before your construction even begins. At the time, this can seem like a huge amount of pressure trying to decide on literally everything that will make up your beautiful dream home. However, having your selections due well in advance, will allow an organized builder to meet your closing date. Custom homes can pose challenges due to the constant changes, which in turn will delay your project. 

We've put together some lead times for major items that will need to be selected for your home. Keep these timelines in mind to keep your project running smooth and on track. 


Early Planning & Exterior Items

This is an exciting phase of your project! You are beginning to build your dream home. Some items on your list need to be finalized before your construction even begins. Some might be obvious, such as your floor plan and construction drawings need to be submitted to the building department. Depending on the municipality and complexity of your project, this process can take a long time. 

Once your drawings are complete, you can order your roof trusses. This could take anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on the manufacturer and how busy they are during your new build. Windows & Your exterior doors can be ordered at the same time, as they may take between 3-6 weeks depending on the custom option that you choose. Love a custom wood exterior door? By no surprise, these are an exception to the timeline. Expect a wait time of minimum 8 weeks for your beautiful custom wood door to be created.

During Construction

When to order your interior products

Kitchen cabinets are one of the times that will take time to become available for your home. Generally, kitchen cabinets will take 6-8 weeks to be made depending on how custom you choose to go. The capacity of the shop that is building them will also play a role in your timeline. Obviously, super custom craft cabinets may take significantly longer than a standard stocked kitchen. It is super important to have an accurate delivery date when you are placing an order for your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are not easily moved, and they take up a large quantity of space in your home. In addition, they take over space in a manufacturers workshop/warehouse and typically like to get them out sooner than later. 

Kitchen counter tops will vary, depending on the product that you choose. Laminate counter tops normally take 1 week to come in once the order is placed. Granite and Marble counters require a template which can only be done after the cabinets are installed. This process usually takes two weeks for the stone to be cut and installed. However, your selection must be made in advance! Luckily, kitchen cabinets and counter tops go together, they are usually chosen and ordered around the same time. In some cases, the kitchen cabinet supplier will arrange to have the counter tops both ordered and installed.

Tile Flooring will range in time frame depending on the product that you choose. Standard tile flooring can either be in stock or take roughly two weeks to become available for your project. Custom tiles, slate, and imported materials can take significantly longer.

Hardwood Flooring

When to order your hardwood flooring 

Hardwood flooring lead times can range depending on the product that you have selected. Some products can be in stock items (Hey! Check out our Factory Outlet Store) or 8-10 weeks if it is coming from China or Europe. At Gaylord Hardwood Flooring, everything is made in North America and finished based on your specifications of your order. We maintain a large inventory of unfinished flooring in stock which allows us to finish your hardwood flooring between 2 and 4 weeks based on your custom specifications. We recommend that your hardwood flooring be selected very early during your new home constructions. Your hardwood floor will be one of the most long term products that will be installed in the interior of your home. Keep in mind, once it is installed, it cannot be easily changed.

  • Tip: Choose your hardwood flooring before other textiles, to ensure that you create a clean and consistent flow throughout your home. 

Wide Plank Hickory Flooring


Hardwood Flooring should not be looked as an expense, but should be viewed as an investment for your home.
- Greg Gaylord 

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