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5 Reasons | Why We Love Light & Neutral Floors

Neutral hardwood floors have been taking over within the last few years, you've likely seen them flooding your Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz feed when you are scrolling for design inspiration. Guilty over here! We are loving the shift towards neutral tones that show off that natural wood variation, character, and are a twist on a natural hardwood floor. We love them so much, it seems that we are continuously creating new neutral tones to fit the needs of you guys! (Here is our Intro to our Newest Stain Lombardy)

We think the popularity of the neutral floors is due to many reasons. Here are our top 5 reasons why they are popular (and why we love them!) :



1. People quite frankly were just extremely over those dark, polished, high maintenance floors that were everywhere. Don't get us wrong, they are stunning...but they are also a lot of work. That's not really practical for let's say, 90% of the population. (No there are no statistics on that...maybe I should run a poll over on the 'gram, but trust me.) They are not ideal for busy households - with pets, kids, or for those who really just want to "live in their houses". 







2. This goes hand in hand with number #1, but let's face it light floors are just easier! Lighter floors show less in general - whether is dirt, dust, or wear & tear. Light floors have the ability to blend and hide every day life! 









3. They are Pretty! Light floors show of natural colour variation, character, and wood grains like very few stains before (talk about visual interest!). They have the ability to tone down some of those harsher more traditional tones that not everyone vibes with, while still tending towards a more timeless choice for your space. A lot of Client's at our showroom just naturally gravitate to these tones when they are in the showroom, and can't take their eyes off them. Typically, our Client's land on 1-3 similar stains at the end of a showroom visit. 







4. They are Non-Committal! You aren't committed to just one look, one colour scheme, or stuck in a trend that you are going to regret. They have many elements from natural wood tones (Which never goes out) while muting some golden, brown, and red undertones. They are super versatile (honestly, they look good with an array of styles and colours) and give you the flexibility to grow as your style evolves over time. 






5. Make your home feel light, bright, and airy! Light floors help to open up a space and create a really calming feel. Lighter Neutral tones can add a touch of coziness and warmth to your home while still showing off the natural characteristics of a wood floor. 







Do you guys love the light neutral hardwood flooring look that we are currently seeing as much as we do? Leave us a note in the comments! 


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  • Neutral floors are the new trend actually. People give more preference to soft colors rather than dark and spicy floors. Thanks for the above pictures. It looks really great.
    Elka Wood Flooring Liverpool

    Elka Wood Flooring Liverpool

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