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Popular Flooring Trends You Should Be Following

There are so many different hardwood flooring options available, that it can be hard to narrow down what exactly it is that you want for your home or upcoming project. Well, we've condensed the most popular trends we have seen (and LOVE!) for you.

1. Wide Plank Wire Brushed Floors

Wide plank flooring is probably the most popular item that our Clients are after. They are loving the look of the product and the vibe that it creates in any space. Wide plank flooring helps to keep things casual but still super trendy. Combining wide plank with our wire brushed technique creates a pretty awesome "lived-in" look. It doesn't look perfect and we've noticed a shift to showcase the natural beauty of wood. Need more reasons to love rustic wide plank flooring

2. Neutrals, Neutrals, and More Neutrals

There has been a huge shift in the stain selection and clients are looking to create a relaxed and casual feel throughout their home. Whitewashes and hints of both grey and white tones are dominating. Not only are these neutral colour choices extremely low maintenance they also allow for an abundance of style and decor options! 

3. Kicking it Old School

Client's are loving getting a beautiful floor that looks like it has been aged and character of an older home. Not everyone is looking for a floor that looks brand new, and it doesn't necessarily fit every space. Our two-pass staining technique is extremely popular because it has this beautiful effect on the flooring allowing it to look aged. We combine this with some nail holes to create a really rustic feel in your space. Clients are absolutely obsessed with our circular saw marks, giving you a unique flooring in your neighbourhood. 

4. [Fifty] Shades of Grey Flooring

Grey hardwood flooring is here to stay, Client's are absolutely obsessed with the neutral look that it creates throughout their home. We've noticed an increased popularity of grey stains on our hickory. When a grey stain is combined with the natural colour variation in the hickory it does something beautiful! Keeping the natural wood characteristics such as knots and checks helps to keep that real wood look. 

5. Low Maintenance Level 

There has been a huge movement in hardwood flooring, and people are looking for the lowest maintenance choice possible. Everyone has been through the dark and shiny flooring phase and are completely done with "over-cleaning". Choosing a wire-brushed finish with a light stain has continued to rise in popularity. 


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