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Professional Flooring Advice Works Best /// Turning to the Experts

At Gaylord Hardwood Flooring, we’re often asked why we don’t sell other floor covering options. The answer to that question is simple: Because we prefer to be the best in one area than to be average in several different areas. Hardwood flooring is one of the most important investments you can make for your home. The first step to protecting that investment is choosing a supplier with the expertise to offer you the flooring advice you need. Can you imagine if Wayne Gretzky had spent only one quarter of his time playing hockey and the rest of his time was focused on baseball, cricket and ballroom dancing? He certainly wouldn’t have become the hockey legend known as the ‘Great One.’ By focusing on only hardwood flooring, Gaylord has become the great one in customer satisfaction.


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Why Experience Counts

Hardwood flooring is always living and adapting to the environment it is in. It’s a sensitive product that requires attention when selling, delivering, installing and servicing, and it takes expertise to truly understand wood flooring and how it works. “Hardwood flooring experts deal with this on a daily basis, so it is learned and understood,” says Greg Gaylord. “At Gaylord Hardwood Flooring we handle everything from the rough lumber to the installed flooring. We have experience dealing with hardwood flooring all day, every day.” If you’re shopping around for hardwood flooring, it only makes sense to get hardwood flooring advice from those who deal with such products on a daily basis. You could deal with a flooring supplier that sells a number of floor covering products, but what happens if you run into a problem with any hardwood products you purchase from them? The supplier may have general knowledge about hardwood, carpeting, linoleum, etc., but will they be able to identify the root causes of your hardwood floor problem? Hardwood flooring experts such as Gaylord are able to indentify the problems and correct them in the best way possible. A general flooring supplier may pass off the responsibility of fixing the problem to the product manufacturer, leaving you stuck in the middle. The goal of hardwood flooring experts is to educate the consumer before they make a purchase.  They take courses and network with other experts to expand their knowledge base as much as possible.

When shopping for hardwood flooring, consider these questions:

  • Can the supplier provide samples of their quality work?
  • Do they have National Wood Flooring Association certification?
  • Are they willing to provide you with industry educational material?
If you’re buying carpet, go to a carpet store, but if you’re buying hardwood flooring, go to a hardwood flooring expert for flooring advice. “You will not find anyone, anywhere, with more hardwood flooring knowledge and experience than us,” says Greg. “We are true experts and are very proud of what we do. Hardwood flooring isn’t just part of our business, it is our business.”

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