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Titanium Finish for Hardwood Floors – The Importance of Durability

When you think of titanium, does the word ‘durability’ come to mind? Titanium is the 4th most abundant metallic element in the earth and has an outstanding strength to weight ratio. It is referred to as the ‘space age’ metal and is used for medical equipment, jewellery, airplanes, laptop computers and more. Titanium oxide is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium. When this metal oxide is mixed with a penetrating base such as polyurethane, it helps to create the hardest finish available on the market for hardwood flooring.


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Advantages of Titanium Finish

There are great advantages to buying hardwood floors with a titanium finish. Titanium oxides are non-toxic, inert and stable at high temperatures, and do not migrate within the finish. When applied to hardwood flooring boards titanium finishes penetrate the upper layer of wood, making it stronger and increasing its capacity to handle traffic. Titanium finishes are transparent and don’t hide the grain of hardwood flooring. In fact, the titanium oxide enhances the grain of the wood. Another great advantage of titanium finishes is that they protect floors from ultra-violet light damage.

Titanium Finishes for Longevity

Hardwood floors finished with titanium oxide finishes last much longer than they would otherwise, and last longer than floors finished with other products such as those made with aluminium oxide or Tung oil. Titanium finishes can actually reduce the costs of owning a wood floor because refinishes will be less frequent, and you likely may not have to worry about ever having your floors refinished. Durability is important when buying a hardwood floor. At Gaylord, we pre-finish our boards with 10 coats of titanium oxide-polyurethane finish, making our finish the most durable and the clearest and most scratch-resistant finish you will find. Because we are so confident about the durability of our titanium finish, we offer a 40-year wear-through warranty. Imagine the traffic your hardwood floors will endure throughout the years. To keep them looking as beautiful as they did the day they were installed choose hardwood flooring with a titanium oxide-polyurethane finish.

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