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Chapter 1 | Measuring & Ordering



Custom Hardwood Floors

At Gaylord’s your order is specially made for you, so the measure is very important. When the customer performs the site measure, there will be “No Returns”, plus a $350 set up fee if you run short and need more material. Measure the exact footage and add on the recommended waste for the job. The waste factor will be affected by the product used, as well as the size of the rooms. Large rooms create less waste than small rooms; hallways create more waste. Patterns and running on angles create more waste, as well. Please ask, and we will assist you with any questions regarding the waste. 

Every Hardwood Floor is Custom Made 

The square footage on your order is the target number we shoot for during production. This footage will likely change, as we put extra material on the production line to accommodate for pieces that don’t pass our strict quality control process. This extra material will not exceed your original order by more than 2%. Most competitors will suggest adding a waste factor of 10% instead of our normal 5%. In a case where you have material left over, instead of being upset you must realize that you had less waste because of our superior quality. Had you gone with a competitor, you would have had to purchase much more material and possibly run short. It is not fair to punish us for having a great product with less waste.

Often times, closets and landings will be forgotten. As we know, many changes can occur with a floor plan; customers use tile instead of hardwood or vice versa; areas get larger or smaller. When this happens, we need to be notified BEFORE the flooring is produced. Be sure to install the main most visual areas of the house first, leaving the closets to the end, in case you do not have enough material. Wood is a natural product and may vary from one batch to another, so running out in a very visual area creates a reason for the customer to not be happy, as the new boards may not be a perfect match. If you feel you may run out, do not use your last box until you get the new material. This way the new material can be feathered in with the existing floor, making it less noticeable.

The Importance of Ordering Slightly More Hardwood Flooring

Having an extra box of flooring available for future repairs is a good idea. Most damage to hardwood flooring occurs during the construction and move-in stage. Be sure dishwasher, fridge and washing machine hoses are securely fastened to prevent water leaks that will cause severe damage.

At the time of the site measure, please include any accessory pieces (bullnose, reducers, T-moulds, spline) as well as the number and sizes of vents; they are all custom made for the job. Vents ordered with the flooring will be finished on the line to be an exact match to the flooring. Vents ordered after the flooring is produced will be finished by hand and will not be perfect. Having all of the material at the jobsite at the same time will prevent unnecessary delays in completing the installation.

Accurate Flooring Measurements Ensure a Smooth Installation

Please take the time to make an accurate measure, including all material needed for the job. We make enough material for the job and very seldom have extra material. Producing another box of flooring can take up to two weeks, while doing it the first time takes an additional 2 minutes; not to mention all of the stress created and wasted time.

When the measure is wrong and more flooring is needed, the installer who did the measurement usually does not accept the responsibility and quickly blames the quality of the wood such as: we shipped less product than we billed for, as the reason for running out which is very unfair to our company. When this happens we quickly go to the house and do a measure and in most cases the original measure was incorrect. We want to avoid this as it causes unnecessary stress between the homeowner, installer, and ourselves. If a third party person is doing the measure, be sure to stress the importance of the measure and make them responsible. 

Each floor is custom made for the individual customer so we want to get it right the first time and have everybody happy.

Thank you for choosing Gaylord. The success of your job is very important to us. If you have any questions please contact us at

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