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Grey Hardwood Flooring

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Grey wood flooring is a perfect option for many types of homes and styles. The smokey, soft shades of grey bring out the beautiful grain patterns of the various types of wood flooring. 

Top Flooring Species For Grey Flooring 

There are several types of flooring that look great with grey tones, but here are our tops. 

Maple Flooring 

Maple works great with grey tones, as the color variation in Maple allows the grey tones to pop in various ways. This typically gives you a very modern looking floor that is often seen with light colored walls. 

Grey Maple Flooring

Hickory Flooring 

Hickory is easily the best looking floor in grey tones. The grain is similiar to maple, but with a little bit more grain giving it a nice look. Hickory is also the hardest North American floor, giving it great stability. 

gray hickory flooring

White Oak Wide Plank Flooring 

Our wide plank white oak flooring is perfect for anyone looking for wide boards in a grey stain color. We have several wide plank floors in grey you can find in our Wide Plank Collection

Grey Wide Plank Flooring

Grey Hardwood Flooring Photos 


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