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Ottawa Hardwood Flooring Store

Our Ottawa Showroom closed April 30, 2017.

With 6 months left on our 5 year lease we informed our landlord we would not be renewing and she was welcome to put the space on the market and we would leave early if needed. On April 10 she informed us she had signed a 10 year lease with a new tenant commencing May 1st.


In the last 4.5 years our business has changed more than the previous 20 years. My son David graduated from university with a marketing degree and has made our website our leading salesperson. Our website makes our products available to a market with in excess of 300 million people. Our website attracts customers throughout North America and the Caribbean searching for high quality hardwood flooring combined with expert advice. Using Facetime, Duo and Skype customers from Florida, California, New York are able to visit our newly renovated Tweed Showroom. After the virtual visit we send the customers samples and once received 35% turn into orders compared to 13% from Ottawa showroom visitors. 


We aren't abandoning the Ottawa market and instead of needing to be at the showroom we look forward to visiting our builders and delivering samples to customers. We feel paying rent and having employees waiting for customers to come in isn't going to work in our new economy. 


Thanks for your support! 
Lewis Gaylord 


Visit our 12,000 square foot flooring showroom in Tweed