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Red Oak Hardwood Flooring Information

Oak Flooring

Red Oak hardwood flooring is one of the most common hardwood flooring offerings. Its traditional style looks great with a wide variety of home decor. Oak flooring has also gained a new appeal, with our gray stain options.

Oak Flooring Pros and Cons

Red Oak has a Janka hardness of 1290, which is right in the middle of most of our North American hardwood flooring options. People tend to set oak as a benchmark for comparing wood species. It is very easy to work with and takes stain nicely.

Oak Flooring Grades

Our Red Oak flooring is offered in the prime grade with the longest lengths in the industry! If you are looking for an oak floor with more character, I would suggest viewing our White Oak Flooring: Click Here.

Oak Flooring Durability

Oak is certainly not the hardest on the Janka scale. However, Oak flooring with a distressed finish holds up well within a busy household. It would be recommended to go with a light stain, in a low gloss.

Oak Hardwood Flooring Details

Oak is the most commonly recognized species used to produce hardwood flooring and probably the most recognized North American wood in general. Oak has a beautifully defined grain and creates a timeless looking hardwood floor. Most consumers think oak is a very hard wood, but in reality, it is the fourth hardest North American species we produce. It is a very stable wood to use in flooring and performs well with fluctuations of humidity. Our oak is finished with a very smooth finish and will not appear pitted like the majority of our prefinished competitors.

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White oak is slightly harder than red oak, and also more durable. However, both types are notably stiff and dense, have high shock resistance, and resist wear. Because of the high concentration of tannic acid in white oak, it is particularly resistant to fungi and insects.

Janka Hardness: 1290

White oak has a ranking of 1360, while red oak is 1290.