Warranty – Gaylord Flooring


Hardwood Flooring Warranty


Structural Lifetime Warranty


Gaylord Hardwood Flooring warrants to the original purchaser, their pre-finished hardwood floors against any manufacturing defects caused by improper milling, grading, staining, and coating.  Structural Lifetime Warranty means the hardwood flooring product will remain free from defects in milling, dimension and grading for as long as the original purchaser owns the residence.  Following recommended installation guidelines, complying with our floor maintenance procedures and controlling the humidity in your home between 30-50% are essential for hardwood flooring and 35-60% for engineered hardwood flooring.  Humidity levels in the residence outside of the 30-50% range will void the warranty for solid hardwood flooring and potentially cause cupping, cracking, gaps, as well as width variations. Humidity levels in residence outside of 35-60% will void the warranty on engineered hardwood flooring.  Should it be necessary to correct a manufacturing defect, Gaylord Harwood Flooring, will supply material to replace the affected boards. 


40 Years Finish Guarantee


We guarantee to the original purchaser that the product finish will not wear through for a full 40 years from the date of purchase, when used under normal residential traffic conditions.  Five years when used under light commercial conditions.  We guarantee the product finish against manufacturing defects and flaws in the applications of wood stains and polyurethane titanium oxide finish.  Small checks and splits are natural characteristics of wood and are not covered under warranty.


Pre-Installation Warranty


Flooring must be installed following Gaylord Hardwood Flooring Installation recommendations.  Flooring should be inspected before installation.  If any defects are discovered during installation, do not continue.  Notify Gaylord Hardwood Flooring of the defects right away. Should there be any doubts about a piece of flooring as to manufacture, factory finish or grade, do not install the piece. Hardwood floors are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards which permit a defect tolerance which should not exceed 5%. Such defects may be a manufacturing or natural type. If this exceeds 5%, Gaylord Hardwood Flooring will supply the boards required, above said 5% defect allowance.




Warranty Exclusions


  • Indentations, scratches or surface damages caused by lack of proper maintenance, misuse, negligence or accidents.
  • Failure to use recommended Bona cleaning products.  Use of water, oil soaps, or steam cleaners to clean flooring.
  • Finish damage caused by tape on flooring surface.
  • Changes or fading in colour of stain or wood.
  • Failure to use Aquabar or Allglobe vaporshield underlayment.
  • Damage caused by spiked heeled shoes, water, fire, wet mopping, pebbles, sand and other abrasives.
  • Damage caused by insufficient prevention/protection in kitchen working stations, under furniture, including office chairs.
  • Damage caused by installation of unapproved products over radiant heat
  • Insects, pets, natural wood fiber surface discolouration.
  • Poor workmanship by installer.
    • Improper board placement
    • Failure to start flooring with a straight line
    • Not allowing for an adequate amount of expansion space
    • Getting urethane based adhesives on the finished flooring
  • Failure to follow all the manufacture’s written installation and/or maintenance instructions, misuse or improper alterations of original manufactured products.
  • Lack of Humidity control – Allowing interior humidity to be outside of the 30-50% range for hardwood flooring and 35-60% range for engineered hardwood flooring.
  • Attempt to repair, replace or refinish prior to an inspection by Gaylord Hardwood Flooring.
  • Damage caused by storage in an area with humidity above 50% or below 30% for solid hardwood, or above 60% or below 35% for engineered hardwood flooring.
  • Squeaks are not covered by this warranty.
  • No Finish Warranty on Pine and Other Softwoods
  • Use of improper subfloor
    • Minimum 5/8” CDX Plywood (OSB is not covered under warranty)
    • Differential in moisture content between subfloor and hardwood cannot exceed 2%.


Hardwood flooring is a natural product and will change colour when exposed to light. Colour variations are a natural occurrence in flooring due to age, species, and exposure to natural and artificial UV light. For example, use of area rugs on top of Hardwood Flooring may cause uneven color variations.


Hardwood flooring is produced from natural products; therefore all wood floors will expand and contract from humidity level changes. This movement is not covered under warranty. Humidity levels below 30% will cause gaps in solid hardwood flooring.  Humidity levels below 35% will cause checks and cracks in engineered hardwood flooring.  Humidity levels above 50% will cause solid hardwood flooring to cup and crack.  Humidity levels above 60% can cause damage in engineered hardwood flooring.