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Hickory Bare Hardwood Flooring

Hickory Bare Hardwood Flooring


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Hickory Bare Hardwood Flooring 

Our Bare stain was created to give a neutral tone while still showing off the natural characteristics in the hickory. This stain is subtle, neutral, and helps give that unfinished  vibe we all love. This stain shows off all that beautiful colour variation that hickory is known for, muting some of the natural golden tones. It's a great choice if you are looking for something that is light in appearance, while being a low maintenance choice for your busy home. This stain looks stunning with whites, creamy tones, and bold tones. 

Hickory is the hardest North American wood we offer.  Its durability and unique grain pattern make it a very popular specie of wood for us.  The grain pattern is right between maple and oak making it a perfect compromise for people who want the timeless charm of oak but prefer something not quite as busy.



Solid – 5" and 6"

Engineered- 5” and 7"

Texture- Wire Brushed

Thickness- 3/4" Solid or Engineered Hardwood

Character - Unique Colour Variation with knots, mineral streaks and woodpecker holes.

Warranty- 40-Year Finish


Solid - On or above grade

Engineered- On, above, or below grade

Installation Method:

Solid - Nail and Glue Wide Plank Installation Method

Engineered- Nail, Staple, Float, or Full Glue

Ease of Installation- Medium

Maintenance- Medium

Waste- 6-8%

Janka Hardness- 1820