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7 Designer Tips for your Kitchen Renovation

So you are thinking about planning an upcoming kitchen renovation? You have probably starting getting some inspiration, checking out some different resources, and chatting about your project with your friends to try and narrow down your search. When you are deciding on color tones, cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, layout....it can all be a bit much. I completely get it! I had the opportunity to chat with two awesome designers (Chantal & Wendy) to give you some much needed tips and guidance when you begin the process! (Hey! You can always work with a designer to get some ultra pro tips and help to simplify the process)

1. Finding the right Cabinetry Color

Of course there is no specific rule to deciding on what works for your cabinetry. First off, it really depends on your personal style and the style of the home that you are working with. Each house is unique, and the design should reflect. Soft tones & creamy whites are among Chantal's top color choices. These colors are very classic and have the ability to be adaptable over time. You aren't super committed when you go with a classic color for your cabinetry, commenting when you start working with a grey pallet for your cabinetry/textiles you become very committed to this color scheme. She recommends if you love the greys, use this as an accent in your home rather than basing the entire design around this element. 

2. Choosing the Right Flooring for your Kitchen

There are endless possibilities for different kitchen floors for your home. It is important to have some contrast in your kitchen if you have wood floors & wood cabinetry. Going lighter or darker is a good rule of thumb, the last thing you want in your kitchen is for it to look like you tried to match, and completely missed comments Wendy. Painted cabinets can help make your wood floors stand out, and provide a face-lift to your kitchen. Don't be afraid to paint your cabinets, it might be exactly what you are looking for! If you are opting for cooler colors throughout, incorporate some warmth with your floor to provide some balance. It is recommended to go with a hardwood floor that has some grain, and texture throughout to help handle the traffic in your kitchen. Need help understanding the species? Review this quick guide! 

If a wood floor is not suitable with your space, there are ample different tile choices that can work for your space. Try laying them in a pattern to give some visual interest. Chantal suggests cork flooring as an alternative in your kitchen, because it handles well. It comes in some unique fun colors, and allow you to add some personality to the space if desired. 

3. To Hardwood or not to Hardwood in your Kitchen Design 

Wood floors were popular choices across the board. Wood floors have this ability to add warmth, life, and character to your space, Wendy Comments. They are timeless and allow both traditional and very contemporary settings to benefit from a beautiful wood floor. Hardwood floors are her anchor in the space and the entire room can be built around this feature. (We can't help but side with her on this one!)

"It is my favorite kitchen floor. Hands Down!" - Wendy Jilek 

Obviously the look in your space is important, but function is also extremely important. Wood floors are both warm aesthetically and practically... they feel nice even on your bare feet mentions Wendy. Often people are worried about opting for a hardwood flooring in their kitchen, but reality is hardwood floors are extremely practical. If your wood floor is damaged in your kitchen, it can actually be replaced or refinished if necessary, unlike any other textiles. If you have wood floors in your kitchen currently, consider giving them a face-lift to fall in love with them again, says Chantal. It helps to tie the old and the new together in your space, staying true to the original style of your home. 

It is also a perk that certain hardwood floors have the ability to go over radiant heating systems. With these systems becoming increasingly popular, having the ability to work with wood over these systems is an absolute bonus, Chantal comments. Who doesn't love the feeling of a heated floor! (We are all about this with our cold climate and snowy winters!)


4. Choosing a Stain for your Hardwood Floor 

Of course we promote... "to each their own" with choosing the right tones that work for the right space. Warm tones were popular across the board, staying with a classic look. Light neutrals and blonde tones are definitely increasing in popularity as they are both low maintenance and a trendy choice. However, dark floors are the least practical in your kitchen, as they tend to show everything and are a much higher maintenance option than a lighter tone, suggests Chantal. Of course, dark floors have their place (and are still incredibly beautiful)...it just may not be the best choice in your kitchen. (Want to learn some more downsides to dark floors?) Opting for a wirebrushed, distressed style floor is definitely a great choice as it has an incredible ability to hide wear and tear(...and crumbs!). Wendy encourages her Clients to opt for a textured finish in their wood floor, regardless of stain because after all...every ding has a story and a memory attached. (I mean, how cute is that?)

5. Deciding on Color Pallets and Paint Colors

Neutrals have definitely been on the rise and for good reason. Both clean and soft whites help to create a very calm and relaxing atmosphere while remaining classic and timeless. Depending on your layout these light paint tones can help to brighten up the space. Going with these tones throughout provides endless opportunities to add in a splash of color throughout your kitchen. 

If neutrals aren't for you, and perhaps you are feeling like opting for a bold tone...go for it! Paint is one of the easiest and most economical ways to upgrade and change the look of your space, mentions Chantal. Opting for black accents throughout is a fun way to change up your space when you don't want to stick with just white. After all, black is almost everyone's go to neutral right? (At least in clothing anyways!)

 6. How to Add your Personal Touch 

Don't be afraid to be bold with your design, after all "bold is beautiful" suggests Wendy. If you love a pop of color (she loves clean blues), embrace it! Opt for a punch of color in your island or feature wall, embrace a bold light fixture or pendant, or try unique hardware. All of these can be easily adjusted if you are ever grow tired of them.

The addition of bold accent rugs (Wayfair literally has 1,000s to suit your needs) throughout can pack a punch if you are sticking with a neutral color scheme.  They are an inexpensive way to switch up your style, if you have "commitment issues" (I loved this comment! Who doesn't when it comes to deciding on materials for your home?) suggests Chantal. These also can be changed up seasonally which is a great way to add some personality to the space. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home and your style should reflect you. 

7. Think of Longevity & How to Integrate Your Design In Years To Come 

It is important to consider how your kitchen will perform for you in the present, but it is also important to consider how your kitchen will transition when you are aging as well, comments Chantal. She encourages Clients to consider adaptability in the future, and if modifications will be possible with your design. She mentions this is also something to consider if you ever have an injury. It's important to consider the practicality of your design, without having to sacrifice style in your space. This is likely something that you hadn't thought about (I know I hadn't), but is definitely a good point. Going with a hardwood floor throughout  really reduces the transitions, and a wire brushed finish will be able to handle whatever wear and tear you throw at it!

So there you have it! Some awesome tips for your kitchen upgrades or renovation that you have on your wish list for 2018. I'd really recommend heading over and checking out these two ladies (Information below), you will be thankful you did as you will get loads of inspiration from them! 

Meet your the Design Experts! 

 Chantal Devane


Wendy Jilek
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