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A Guide to Choosing your Wood Species

Livesawn White Oak

Wide Plank Presquile Brown Hardwood Flooring

Details: Gorgeous open grain throughout the boards which offers unique rustic features through its specialty cut. These boards showcase beautiful knots and checks which showcase the woods natural beauty.

Works well with: In a high traffic space or in homes with fur children. Wear and tear adds character to this floor rather than showcasing imperfections. This is an ideal option for those looking for a super low maintenance option. 

Why we love it: This species is a versatile option for an abundance of styles. Our beach house collection offers an abundance of styles that compliment Coastal or Scandinavian styles. Our 1850 collection is popular for those looking to add a rustic element to their space, by showcasing the grain and bevel. 

Quartersawn White Oak

Quatersawn Medium Brown White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Details: Clean and consistent grain with mild color variation throughout. The specialty cut offers unique pieces of visual interest throughout your floor.

Works well with: In high traffic spaces or homes with pets with the wire brushed finish. The unique grain pattern blends any marking.

Why we love it: It provides a truly unique look to your space. It has the ability to look ultra chic and sleek with a stain from our Midtown Collection. In turn, it provides a touch of elegance and formality with a stain from our Estate collection.  Here are five reasons you will fall in love with it!


Wide Plank Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Details: Visually pleasing grain pattern through its tight rich grain. Offers unique color variation throughout each board showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. Opt for knots and checks to create a rustic canvas for your space.

Works well with: Spaces with high traffic and those with pets. Its unique variation in combination with our wire-brushing technique creates an extremely low maintenance floor.

Why we love it: We love the durability and low maintenance factor of this product! It is truly versatile depending on stain selection ranging from rustic chic to traditional. Looking for a touch of formality? Opt for no knots or checks to add an elegant look. 


Grey Hardwood Flooring

Details: Pronounced grain pattern throughout providing rich character throughout the boards. Available with knots and checks or with a cleaner more consistent grain pattern.

Works well with: High traffic spaces with or without pets due to its rich grain pattern. When combined with our wire-brushed technique it creates an extremely low maintenance floor.

Why we love it: It brings a unique visual interest to a space through its rich pronounced grain pattern. Versatile in nature depending on the stain selection chosen; can range from sleek to rustic. It pairs well with our livesawn white oak for those looking to stay on budget.

Pro Tip: Try opting for livesawn white oak on your main floor and ash on your upper floor or in the bedrooms. 


Wide Plank Grey Hardwood Flooring

Details: Smooth flooring choice with a minimal grain pattern. Colour variation throughout the boards and option for knots and checks throughout. 

Works well with: Spaces with moderate traffic and small pets. Recommend for opting for our country grade with character if space has pets. 

Why we love it: Creates a modern or contemporary look with is consistent grain. Perfect for those who are looking for a neutral canvas in their space. Try our midtown collection if you are looking for a modern look. 


Wide Plank Natural Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Details: One of a kind grain pattern with color variation throughout boards, showcases the rich warm brown tones that warm up over time. An abundance of character in every board showcasing knots, checks, and variation.

Works well with: In spaces with moderate traffic level. Have a busier space but love the look? Opt for our country grade combined with our wire-brushed technique to amplify the natural characteristics of the boards.

Why we love it: It has rich, warm brown tone that is unique to walnut. It has the ability to add instant depth to any space and work seamlessly with different decor and styles. 

Pro Tip: Looking for something to get rid of your boring plain wall? Try using walnut to create a warm rich feature wall. 

Red Oak

Red Oak Toffee Hardwood Flooring

Details: Rich pronounced grain pattern with mild color variation throughout boards. The long lengths showcase the tight grain pattern offering a unique look to each board.

Works well with: Spaces with high traffic depending on finishing technique. The grain pattern minimizes any marking that may appear and blend seamlessly into the grain. Love the stain finish? This will work best if your space has moderate traffic. 

Why We Love it: We love the timeless look that it brings to any space. It provides a neutral canvas for your home, amplifying the traditional look in your space. It is our favorite in century home renovations to stay in line with the original character of the home. 

What grain do you find most visually pleasing? We'd love to hear your feedback.  

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