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2018 Hardwood Flooring Trends | What to Watch For

2018 Hardwood Flooring Trends to Watch For 

As 2017 is wrapping up, it is a good time to start looking towards the new year. Who doesn't love the feeling of starting fresh with a new year? The flooring trends for the upcoming year align with this! The idea of a bright fresh home is what we are talking about!

Wide Plank Hickory Flooring

Textured & Wire Brushed Finishes

These wire brushed textured finishes are not unique to 2018, but we will continue to see these on the rise. We notice people craving that "lived-in" look and feel when it comes to your hardwood flooring. Getting a hardwood floor that will be able to handle to your lifestyle, while looking stunning at your next get together is at the top of the list! 

Neutrals, Neutrals, and More Neutrals

We noticed a high demand for neutral tones during the last few months of 2017. Opting for a muted neutral tone helps to create a beautiful canvas throughout your home. It also gives the opportunity to add pops of color throughout your space, whether it is through paint colors or unique accessories. In addition, natural wood tones and features are something to keep your eye on. Subtle variation, unique knots and character, and warm tones look beautiful with crisp finishes if you are going for a farmhouse interior. 

  • P.s - These neutrals flooring choices are super easy to clean and take care of..how could these not be on trend?

Light Greys & White Tones

Muted grey tones will continue to stay strong throughout 2018, especially on species like white oak, hickory and ash hardwood flooring. The muted grey tones combined with beautiful wood grains and character, creates a very unique looking wood floor for your home. The subtle variation throughout boards helps to provide visual interest while remaining muted enough to let your personal style shine through. Monochromatic and simplicity will continue to stay strong throughout 2018.

Rustic Elements

Adding rustic elements throughout your home with your hardwood flooring will continue to be a personal favorite. Opting for wide plank hardwood flooring, wire brushed textured finishes and knots and character set the tone throughout your space. We can't help but love letting the floors speak for themselves in any space! Adding circular saw marks or band saw marks add some unique visual interest and help achieve that "lived-in" look that is sought after. We've notice clients want a look that is anything less than "perfect" and this will definitely achieve that. 

Easy to Clean & Low Maintenance

We've noticed a major shift throughout 2017 which will continue to carry through 2018 and hopefully forever. Having a floor that is low maintenance and easy to care for is a chart topper for Client's flooring wish list! Realistically, no one wants to spend every day cleaning their hardwood flooring, and want to be able to sit back and relax without seeing every speck of dirt & dust on their hardwood floor. Opting for a light stain colour and a textured finish will be your best friend when looking for low maintenance. 

"We make floors that suit the lifestyle of a busy home" - Lewis Gaylord

High Durability

With your hardwood flooring being a major investment and purchase for your dream home, it is only natural that you want to ensure that your flooring can handle your lifestyle.[Check out this article] We've noticed a major shift in clients looking for a floor that will be able to handle the wear and tear of every day life. Whether you have pets, kids, or are the go-to for hosting special events, we've got you covered. Going with character, knots, light tones, and wire brushed finishes will give you the durability you are looking for. 

What about you -  What trends are you loving for 2018?

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