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2024 Flooring Trends | Natural Wood Tones

Its no surprise that the sixth hardwood flooring trend of 2024 is natural wood tones. Homeowners are often drawn to the natural beauty and warmth that natural toned floors bring to a space. That is why we will be exploring the versatility of natural stains, as well as providing various flooring options for a range of interior design styles. Make sure to catch up on our previous trend blogs here!

Why are natural wood tones trending?

Since we started making flooring, the best selling stain colour each and every year is natural. It is timeless and the best option to let the wood showcase it’s personality. It’s Greg Gaylord's favorite because he know it goes with everything, like wearing jeans.

 Hickory Natural Floor

Now more than ever, we are seeing clients favouring wood that showcases inherent characteristics. There has been a shift from dark and glossy finishes being in demand, to matte and wire-brushed finishes gaining popularity. But what caused this shift? We believe that there are a few reasons for this. Let’s look at these in more detail!

  • People are seeking out nature
    • Following the two years the world spent in lockdown due to a global pandemic, we are seeing a huge push in home design to incorporate more nature into our spaces. This can be seen in the addition of more greenery into homes and offices, integrating more windows into a space for more access to natural light, and the growth of the modern farmhouse design style. Just look at how the natural grain patterns that can be seen in the images below add depth, character and warmth to a space!
White Oak Hardwood Hardwood floor with character
  • Low maintenance
    • Unlike darker stained woods, which shows scratches and dust more easily, natural stained wire-brushed woods does an excellent job at concealing wear and tear. This type of flooring is perfect if you have kids, pets, or both! Need more convincing? Check out this recent video of Greg Gaylord hammering multiple floors in our Tweed showroom. The results will shock you!
Natural Hickory Stair Treads

Options for natural stains

The beauty of natural wood tones is that the rich, warm hues enhance any interior design style with ease. For this reason, we have compiled a list of various natural stains we offer that can lend well to any design preference. Whether you have a fondness for contemporary décor, or are drawn to a more traditional style, natural wood tones will add a timeless elegance to your space.

  • Ash
    • Being a natural wood with no stain applied, Natural Ash is a great option when choosing a hardwood that will be much better at hiding potential scratches, dents, dirt and dust. Plus its light neutral tone is sure to match any combination of colours within a space.
  • Hickory Natural
    • Hickory in generally isn’t for everyone but those who like it, love it. It is so bold with extreme variations from board to board. Every single board is completely different providing a super unique floor. It will bring out your inner child because you can spot so many different animals and shapes in the floor. Ophelia even asked how we got a goose in our floor in the showroom sample. https://www.gaylordhardwoodflooring.com/pages/hickory-natural-hardwood-flooring
  • Maple
    • The Maple Natural with colours is a very unique and interesting floor.  In it you will find plenty of natural characteristics such as birdseye, tigertail, and mineral streaks.  Since it is a very light colour and has so much variation, it will be a very low maintenance option.
  • Quarter and Rift Sawn Natural White Oak
    • This is Greg's absolute favorite floor! The rift and quarter sawn has such a tight and unique grain and medullary rays are stunning, especially with a wire brushed finish. It can be installed in any setting from modern to traditional.
  • White Oak Live Sawn Natural
    • The live sawn white oak has such unique grain from rustic plain sawn in the middle to really interesting quarter sawn features. The knots, combined with the grain variations provide visual interest but also not as busy as hickory
  • White Oak Stair Treads

Natural Hardwood Floor

White Oak Rift & Quarter Sawn Natural

If you’re thinking about incorporating natural stained wood floors into your new project, our team can help you decide whether it’s a good fit for your space. Contact us here to book a virtual or in-person consultation. If you already have an idea of the flooring you want, place your order for samples here.

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