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2024 Flooring Trends | Wood Accents

This week we are covering the rising trend of wood accents! Our experience in the flooring industry has shown us how natural wood has the ability to make any space feel more lived-in and inviting. Keep reading to find out how you can elevate your space with wood accents in 2024, and don’t forget to check out our previous blogs here.


Exposed Hardwood Beams

What are wood accents?

There are various ways to integrate wood into your home. From stair treads to moldings, wood accents can be used in a variety of ways to improve upon a space. A common wood accent that is often used to highlight fireplaces for instance are feature walls. Feature walls are constructed from hardwood planks that are mounted to the wall, giving the space an element of depth and charm that is very eye catching. Including a wooden feature wall in your home can help distinguish your space and add character.

Wooden Panel Feature Wall

In minimalist spaces, a wooden accent can add character and charm. For example, the image above demonstrates how the addition of the Walnut panels brings this little nook to life with warm tones. Wood accents also work great in modern farmhouses as the wood stands out when paired with neutral colours and white paint. 

With the vast variety in types of wood and the finishes you can choose from, there is no limit to hardwood's versatility

How can you incorporate wood accents into your space?

If you’re convinced that wood accents are something you want to incorporate into your space this year, we can provide a few ideas for how you can do so:

Using wood to add texture

  • Installing wood paneling before you paint can add a little bit of texture to your walls
  • Textured walls can add subtle visual interest to your space Wainscotting

Using wood panels as a backdrop

  • While wood accent walls can be add visual interest all on their own, they can also serve as a backdrop
    • In the image below you can see the wood is used to create an artistic element on an otherwise bland tv wall Wooden Feature Wall
Update your staircase
  • There are various ways to do this:
    • Using dark stair treads with dark handrails
    • Using dark stair treads with light handrails or vice versa 
    • A contrast is great at drawing attention to the natural woodStair treads

Gaylord Hardwood Flooring options

Now that you know how you'd like to integrate wood accents into your home, we will provide you with a few of our top choices that will work with essentially any interior design style.

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