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Hickory Sandbanks Hardwood Flooring


Beach House Collection

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Hickory Sandbanks Hardwood Flooring

The Sandbanks stain is a light neutral stain that has the perfect balance of warmth. It is a pale stain that mutes the natural tones, while highlighting the knots and character throughout. It is a very versatile floor, lending itself to a clean "beachy vibe" while also looking perfect in a modern farmhouse setting. The Sandbanks stain has become a popular stain since it's introduction to our Beach House collection in late 2018. It's popularity is due to its ability to match with various palettes while being a super low maintenance option for a busy household. 

Hickory is the hardest North American wood we offer.  Its durability and unique grain pattern make it a very popular specie of wood for us.  The grain pattern is right between maple and oak making it a perfect compromise for people who want the timeless charm of oak but prefer something not quite as busy.  



Solid – 5" and 6"

Engineered- 5” and 7"

Texture- Wire Brushed

Thickness- 3/4" Solid or Engineered Hardwood

Character - Unique Colour Variation with knots, mineral streaks and woodpecker holes.

Warranty- 40-Year Finish


Solid - On or above grade

Engineered- On, above, or below grade

Installation Method:

Solid - Nail and Glue Wide Plank Installation Method

Engineered- Nail, Staple, Float, or Full Glue

Ease of Installation- Medium

Maintenance- Medium

Waste- 6-8%

Janka Hardness- 1820