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Hardwood Flooring Patterns - Elevating the Beauty of Wood

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. When you want to elevate the look of those floors, choosing a flooring pattern beyond the typical straight installation that runs parallel to the walls is the way to go. Some of the more popular patterns include Random Width, Diagonal, Parquet, Herringbone, Chevron and Picture Frame. Each add their own element to a given situation so let’s take a look at these patterns to help you make a choice that best suits your home.

Random Width Flooring Pattern

The random width pattern typically uses three different widths with an inch or two of difference in the planks used. For example, planks may be installed with a row of 3” boards, then a row of 4” boards followed by a row of 6” boards, and the pattern continues throughout the room. A variation on this style uses up to five different widths with no discerning pattern. The random width pattern can be installed either parallel or diagonal to the longest wall in the room. When installed parallel, the random flooring pattern can make a small room appear larger. Random width is the most natural looking pattern and can add a traditional, rustic or vintage feel to your home.

Diagonal Flooring Pattern

With the diagonal flooring pattern, boards are installed parallel to each other but laid at a 45-degree angle to the walls. This pattern adds stability to the floor when it is installed over a plywood subfloor. On plywood subfloors, the plywood and the hardwood boards generally run perpendicular to the joist direction. This increases the chance of the plywood seams and the joints between boards matching up, and can lead to squeaking or a spongy-feeling area on the floor. By installing the boards on the diagonal, you can avoid this problem. As well as adding a look of formality to a room, a diagonal pattern can make a room look bigger because the eye is drawn to the corners of the room rather than to the walls. This is a great way to draw attention to a corner feature such as a fireplace, alcove or special piece of furniture.

Parquet Flooring Pattern

If you’ve ever seen ornate parquet hardwood flooring created by a true craftsman, it may have brought to mind the baroque period and French castles. Parquet hardwood flooring patterns are made up of many pieces of wood joined together to form repeated geometrical shapes. Traditionally, blocks of wood of different types and colours were used to achieve this decorative effect, but more contemporary patterns are made up of thinner wooden strips. Because pieces of parquet flooring are relatively small, once they are glued to the subfloor they create a very stable floor. Whether simple or elaborate, hardwood floor parquet patterns are a work of art. The most common parquet patterns include brick, basket, herringbone and chevron. The design possibilities are endless, but parquet pattern installations are best left to professional hardwood flooring installers.

Herringbone and Chevron Flooring Patterns

Herringbone and chevron hardwood flooring patterns make a stunning addition to any home and are a popular choice to add visual interest to a room. They are most effective in large rooms, but by choosing lighter colours and installing the boards diagonally, small rooms can look longer and wider. With herringbone, the planks are set on a diagonal and overlap at the top, creating a repeating zigzag effect. With the chevron pattern, the pieces are set on a diagonal and meet in a centre line, creating a series of V’s laid out in rows. Both patterns create a very stable floor.

Picture Frame Flooring Pattern

Picture frame flooring patterns are installed around the perimeter of the room and are a great way to add individuality to a space. They are all about detail, and like parquet, installation is best left to the experts. These patterns may feature a strip or strips of a different colour, wood species or width, or they can be more elaborate with a distinct pattern and wooden medallions or other shapes inlaid where corners meet. Picture frame flooring patterns can be used to separate a room from adjacent space, to highlight the shape of the house or to highlight features like fireplaces and dining areas. They add a formal and even dramatic look to your home.

Gaylord Custom Installations

Gaylord Hardwood Flooring has some of the best installers around. We have more National Wood Flooring Association certified installers than any other company in Canada. Because we manufacture our own flooring, from rough lumber to  finished ready-to-install products, we can match any species, stain and finish to your exact specifications. If you have a custom design or unusual pattern in mind, we can help you get it done. When you’re looking to elevate the look of hardwood flooring, look to the experts at Gaylord.

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