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Full Glue Down Flooring Installation | Engineered Flooring

Full glue down engineered hardwood flooring

A Full Glue down installation is the best method of installation when being installed over radiant heated concrete. The recommended adhesive for this application is Bostik Vapor Lock.

  1. Select a starting point according to the most aesthetically or architecturally important elements in the room; taking into consideration any stairways, hallways, fireplaces, doors, cabinets, adjoining tile and transitions; as well as the squareness of the room. The starting line will often be the longest unbroken line in the room. Fasten a backer board at your starting point. Place boards with the tongue side facing the backer board.
  2. Using an approved adhesive and the recommended trowel size for the product being installed spread the adhesive evenly on the subfloor
  3. Trowel the adhesive back on a 45 degree angle perpendicular to the flooring. Do not trowel out more than a foot because the glue is very sticky and messy.
  4. Always keep at least 5 rows of flooring racked out ahead. To have the most aesthetically pleasing look rack the flooring so no joints are closer than 3 times the width of the pieces; avoid H joints and stair stepping from not completing rows.
  5. Replace the trowel with each pail of adhesive used to ensure the proper spread rate
  6. Taping rows of boards together with Blue 3M low-adhesion tape will help prevent boards from separating. Tape must be removed within 24 hours to prevent damage to the finish.
  7. Ensure all of the glue is wiped off the surface immediately because urethane adhesive
  8. Remove the backer board and complete the installation without walking on the newly installed floor. Walking on the floor before the glue is completely dry will cause boards to separate and will create hollow spots where the glue bond has let go.

**The flooring cannot be walked on until 48 hours after installation to allow the adhesive to properly cure**

Pros of the Full Glue Down Hardwood Flooring Installation Method

  • Solid feel and less possibility of squeaks
  • Heat from concrete is transferred directly to the flooring

Cons of the Full Glue Down Hardwood Flooring Installation Method 

  • More expensive installation because of the cost of glue and extra time required
  • It is difficult to keep glue off of the surface of the boards. The installer can do a fantastic job keeping the floor free of glue, but often times other trades people and homeowners will step in the glue and track it throughout the house.